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Thursday, January 12, 2012

You've heard of the Good Wife?  Now meet the Cranky Wife!  The picture below sums up exactly how I felt yesterday.......

I wasn't in the best mood yesterday after a bad swim and the day just seemed to get worse.  I only swam 1 km and I am happy that I did, but I also felt really disappointed in myself for not finishing the 2 kms that I normally swim.  I told myself that I will do an extra little treadmill workout later which made me feel better.  

To save your eyes and brain from reading the biggest vent of all my blogging time ever, I have done a more to the point and shorter version : 

  • The kids have put all sorts of things in the treadmill, which have all made it down near the motor
  • I asked the hubster to pull it apart and get all that stuff out for me about 3 weeks ago

  • Yesterday he had a day off so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for him to do this for me ~ he didn't do it
  • I don't want to risk something getting jammed and burning the motor out cause.....
  • I might have to use something like this.........

  • the poop man Hubby rolled out of bed at 1.30 pm 
  • I asked him if he could fix the treadmill
  • He made some comment about me not using it for weeks
  • This really annoyed me
  • I haven't used it for 3 weeks because of all the stuff in there that I need removed
  • I could feel myself starting to boil inside

  • fart features He was finally out of bed and could watch the kids while I went grocery shopping
  • I was mistaken!  
  • I hate taking the kids grocery shopping
  • I told them they couldn't come
  • 3 little volcanoes appeared, there were tears and screams erupting from everywhere
  • I was then called certain unpleasant names for upsetting the kids like that
  • I'm pretty sure the name caller got a look similar to this......

  • Idiot Hubster suggested I take Hayden as well to help me
  • Now I am taking 4 kids shopping (years 12, 5, 4 & 4)
  • Hayden ran into the back of my foot with the shopping trolley
  • It really, really hurt

    • After around 30 mins I'd had enough
    • Kids were fighting and screaming and demanding every bit of rubbish they could see
    • When I stopped at the checkout (2 trolleys) Hayden ran into the back of my feet AGAIN
    • Both my heels were now bleeding
    • I am pretty sure he got this look..........

    • I felt like total rubbish
    • I was crying
    • It's really hard to cry secretly in the middle of the supermarket
    • I wanted to runaway and hide somewhere
    • Here looks nice..................

    • Or here............

    • When we got home I started unpacking all the groceries
    • The kids wanted a snack
    • I told them to wait until I had finished putting everything away
    • This didn't sit well with fartarama hubster
    • He made some comment about why couldn't they have it now or something
    • I just lost it with him.........

    • Lets just say that pig farts hubby disappeared with the kids pretty quickly
    • I don't explode very often, but when I do, it's best to just leave me alone for a bit

      I've been thinking about it all night and none of what happened yesterday was terrible or devastating enough for my inner beast to emerge which means there is an underlying problem that is making everything seem worse.

      I think I am still angry at Alan for organising his mother coming to visit (in 5 days time) for a couple of months without talking to me about it first.  I've got his sisters ringing me wanting a copy of her airline ticket, which I don't have cause shit for brains Alan booked it, then they are asking me where she (mother-in-law) will be sleeping?  What will we be doing? etc, etc, etc.

      I have enough going on already and I don't need to be taking care of someone else for that long.  I wouldn't even have my own mother stay with me for that long, but when it's someone that you feel you constantly have to impress and be the perfect housewife around, it just makes it all worse.  Plus, I am still really annoyed that she will be coming on the beach holiday with us.

      I know I sound totally petty and pathetic, but this is the only place I have that I can come and say what I really want to say and get everything off my chest.  Thanks so much for reading and putting up with me :)

      I know I'm being a total bitch, but..........

      • Do you take your kids grocery shopping?
      • Do you vent and explode or do you communicate like a normal person should?
      • No matter how well (or not) you get on with your mother-in-law ~
        • Would you want her staying with you for months?
        • Would you want her on holidays with you?


      1. 1. Yes, but she is 19 years old and so only comes when she wants to and I ask her !
        2. Yes definitely vent and explode ! Best thing I can do as I always feel better afterwards even JFK don't accomplish anything !
        3 a - NO and
        b - NO

        Sorry that you had such a cr#ppy day yesterday. I know how sometimes it happens like that and hope tha you are having a better day today.

      2. Sorry - must remember to read comments through before I post when using the iPad !!

        Should be "even if I" not JFK !

        I don't think that there's anything I can say that will make you feel better. When my Alan pees me off, especially if he made plans without discussing them with me first it would be a very long time before I got over it.

        Love, hugs and positive energy !

      3. Before I answer....this is a perfect place to get your feelings off your chest and may I compliment you on your ability to make it digestible to read? THANK YOU x's a million!!! I'll read anyone's vent when it's this easy to read, but HATE the one-long-paragraph vent...too hard to sort through.

        So, now that I super happy with your posting style...

        1. Yes I take my kids, though I do enjoy going without them when they are in school. It's never bothered me to take my kids out shopping much.

        2. Venting and exploding is not normal communicating?? LOL I do both, depending on how long a situation has laid dormant. Though I do try and stay more calm when sharing what I'm upset about, knowing my husband is more apt to listen to a calm wife. BUT...exploding works great when calm speaking doesn't and is sometimes necessary.

        3. About two years ago my MIL stayed with us for 7 weeks and it went okay. I wasn't looking forward to it, but decided to take advantage of her wonderful cooking and great desire to help out in the kitchen by accepting more substitute jobs during that time. By the time she left I learned I could live with that if I had to...but it would be hard.

        I'm like you...wouldn't even handle my own mom that long and we're close - as in talking/emailing daily.

        Also...decisions like that being made without discussing it first is BIG no no in my book. I think that right there set you up to not like the idea, and now I'm sorry you have to face it.

        Finally, on vacation? It would truly depend on what we were doing. Not sure I'd want her along, but I've never had that situation come around. We always visit her at her home.

        I hope your days get better! In the meantime, you just vent your little heart out. That's what blogs and we followers are for! *hug*

      4. Oh Jane, what a nightmare, argh! I'd be tearing my hair out.

        1. Good lord no, I sometimes take my eldest (6 years), but I do not take all 3 and definitely not the twins (2), I have taken them all before and I have taken the twins, but it's always a disaster.

        2. Yep, vent AND explode, sometimes it's too hard not to, I always regret it and feel terrible afterwards.

        3. Sometimes I don't think I would mind my MIL staying for months or going on holiday with us, but other times I think God no.

      5. oh Jane...what a horrible terrible no good very bad day!

        i do hope your feeling better today and yes, ive been know to explode and honestly, sometimes i feel like it brings everyone back to Earth, if you know what i mean!

        my dad's been living with the bf and i for a year now...he's still rehabbing for his injury in Afghanistan but tries all of us. it's just so difficult.


      6. Jane those pics are priceless- they so sum up some of my days - I really hope that you are having a better day today. There is nothing wrong with being a bitch if nothing else is working ... at times I'm sure that half the neighbourhood as heard me.

        Do you take your kids grocery shopping? Not unless I really really have to. They now have their trolley licences (stupid game we play) which means firstly we have a fight about who is driving the trolley, whose turns is it and bam straight into the heals.

        Do you vent and explode or do you communicate like a normal person should? I can communicate like a normal person until i realise no one is taking any notice then the explosion happens.

        No matter how well (or not) you get on with your mother-in-law ~
        Would you want her staying with you for months? You know my answer on this YOU HAVE TO BE FREAKING KIDDING.

        Would you want her on holidays with you? When we went to Bali we were surprised by how many people had one two of their parents there - having a holiday is all about having time out - not something we would chose to do but each to their own i guess!

      7. What a Sh*t Day!! I try my best to avoid taking the family food shopping. The problem is that hubby always wants to come, we spend more money with him there and the kids fight - hubby yells at them, I yell at hubby for being rude to the kids, he and I fight because we don't agree and it is a fricken disaster lol.

        I tend to vent by chucking grown up tantrums, cry, yell, sob and then feel like an idiot after - I am getting better though.

        The whole MIL hmmm I think deep down you would have been ok with things if hubby had asked you 1st (well maybe not ok but you would have accepted it and not been so upset). You need to have it out with hubby to stop this from eating away at you.

        Good luck hun and hope you are feeling better xx


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