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Sneaky Snacks & Sucky Swims

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This mornings swim sucked, I struggled the whole time.  I actually had to force myself to do the 1 km that I did do.  I wanted to stop after the 5th lap, but I reminded myself that I didn't get up early and drive to the pool for a 2 min swim so I just kept going.

I have a stupid allergy condition and no one knows what triggers it, but apparently 50% of cases like mine the cause is never found, basically anything can trigger an attack. When I woke up this morning my breathing was a little off, but because of my medical degree I just thought that a nice swim would help to regulate my breathing - I was so wrong!  My breathing was all over the place and for the majority of the swim, I felt like this.............

I did try a new face cream last night and I am wondering if maybe that is what caused it.  I didn't have all the usual symptoms I normally get when an attack is caused by a food so I am guessing again because I have a medical degree that one of the ingredients in the cream triggered it.  I know it sounds weird, but a heavily scented / perfumed deodorant can set it off, no Impulse for me :)

*Snack Time*

If your kids are anything like mine then you'll know what it's like to spend most of your day in the kitchen preparing food, my kids don't stop snacking all day long.  From the minute they finish breakfast, they start snacking all the way through lunch, up to dinner.

Their snacks include :

  • Fruit (several pieces a day)
  • Cheese (sometimes with crackers)
  • Carrots
  • Sultanas
  • Yoghurt

    The way I feed the kids got me thinking about why I don't feed myself the same way, as in, fruit not biscuits.  Why were all of my snacks full of fat, sugar and unhealthy? There is no way I would ever let the kids snack on what I was eating so why not join them?

    I now use the kids snacks to inspire my own.  The first snack of the day today was carrots.  The kids actually go and get them out of the fridge then hand them to me for peeling and chopping.  The peeling is my fault cause I can't eat a carrot that isn't peeled, I'm a texture freak.

    1 carrot and a blob of hommus

    Don't be fooled by the Winnie the Pooh plate, this is actually my snack (and dinner plate).  Below is a yoghurt bowl made in the kids bowl.  It contains 100 grams of no-fat Greek yoghurt, a whole (peeled) apple and 1/2 a serve (15 grams) of Nesquik cereal. 

    I know the cereal is chocolate flavoured, but it is made with wholegrains and the kids (who forced me to buy it) don't like it so I figured it must be sort of healthy if they won't eat it.

    The yoghurt bowl is quite the snack, I think it's more of a mini meal and there is still room for more food in that bowl.  I think the fact that the average / standard crockery set is over sized is why I am really conscience of portions now.  I never used to be, which I have no doubt, is part of the reason I am wearing a fat suit now.  

    Let me in on your sneaky snacks..........

    • What do you snack on?
    • Do you eat snacks you wouldn't let your kids eat?
    • Would you consider the yoghurt bowl more of a meal?


    1. Well done on your exercise even though you wanted to stop. I was like that last night at training. I went by myself because K was working and the trainer could see I was battling with some of the things to get the full set out and said stop and I said no, I want to do them all and I pushed on. I felt so much better afterwards knowing that I hadn't piked half way - I am sure that you feel like that too.

      I feel for you with the allergy - I am very much like that too - anything too perfumed and my hayfever flares up like you won't believe.

      I would have had the yoghurt, apple and sultanas as breakfast rather than a snack probably. I too have started eating off bread plates (we don't have any kids plates anymore !!!) in order to cut my quantites down and there are times when I think it is still too much !!

      Thank you sooooooooooo much for your motivating e-mail yesterday. I had the best day ever - food wise and exercise wise and when it got to late last night and I was thinking about a nice bowl of ice-cream with nesquick on, I remembered the mail and thought "No, I have got this far in the day - I don't have to stuff it up now" - so I didn't and I was pleased this morning as the scales are now moving in the right direction again. What will be better is when I can actually feel like I am the size that I was before Christmas !!!!!!

      Have a great day and I hope your allergies sort themselves out soon and that you don't battle all day with them.

      Love, hugs and positive energy.

    2. Sorry for the long story above !!!!

    3. I have caught myself snacking on candy and chips and thinking, "Why amd I doing this?!? I would yell at the kids for it." Then I try and stop. Usually it's around the PMS time and they are all gone to school...

      I could see the yoghurt bowl being either a snack or meal, depending on the hunger level. AFter a hard workout you need a heavier snack, so that looks like a great post-swim snack to me.

      Oh, and my mom can't handle heavily scented lotions either, because of allergies, so you may very well be correct in the night cream setting you off. hhmm..I'm sorry for you, and hope you recover quickly.


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