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Flexibility is the Key to my Success

Monday, March 26, 2012

As the title says, flexibility is the key, I mean who wouldn't want to be able to pick up a ball with their feet?

Look mum!  No hands!

No, not really.  I don't need to be picking up objects using body parts other than my hands while bending my body into the letter C.  I'm talking about my new, healthy life routine.  I need to be flexible about the whole thing.  

I love to follow a structured regime.  All I have to do is read what is on the program, list, schedule or whatever I use to write down my plans and goals for the week and that is that.  It's all or nothing as far as what is written on the paper goes.  I'm a creature of habit and like to do things the same way all the time, but I discovered this morning that being so rigid when it comes to becoming the healthy person I want to be is actually having a detrimental effect on my journey.

This morning is the perfect example of what I am talking about.  This morning I was supposed to go swimming, I was even looking forward to it.  I got all my gear ready last night so when the alarm went off this morning all I had to do was get up, get dressed and go.  I am in the pool, enjoying my workout before my brain has time to actually work out what I am doing.

This morning's swim did not happen!  Why would I go swimming when I was looking forward to it and actually wanted to go?  Why? Because the alarm did not go off!!!!

Anyhoooo, I even woke up at 5.34 am without the alarm, looked at the clock,  mumbled and grumbled something to myself about it being too late to go now, which for swimming it is, I need to be out the door by 5.20 am so I just went back to sleep - well done dumbass.  It wasn't until I got home from the school run that I realised how idiotic I actually am.  I was sitting at the table having my morning vice (white choc-a-mocha latte) when it occurred to me that although it was too late to go swimming....wait for it, this is the tricky part....I could have done something else at home!  Shock! Horror!  Something else - I can't do that, IT'S . NOT . WRITTEN . DOWN.

I didn't write treadmill, Zumba, 30 Day Shred, Shrink Your Female Fat Zones or any other form of exercise down on my weekly schedule, obviously I couldn't do anything else.  I wrote down swimming so that is what I had to do.  Flexibility is the key for me to succeed, to be consistent, to be persistent is what I need to be and do.  I have to be able to not be so stupid rigid with my routine and just get on with it.  If I can't swim, I'll run.  Now I can see myself writing and alternative exercise down - just in case :)

I don't bend rules, I bend keys
My 5 keys for success ~

  • Flexibility - be it
  • Consistency - do it
  • Focus - have it
  • Health - need it
  • Desire - want it

I even made a poster......

What helps you to succeed on your journey.......

  • Do you have a structured or fly by the seat of your pants routine?
  • Do you like variety in your routine?
  • Do you ever have those Uh-Ha moments realising how idiotic you've been like I have?


  1. So true!!

    As a creature of habit I like routine, but I'm learning that if I allow myself to be flexible when necessary (like your morning) it makes for a happier day.

    That's when you have to remind yourself that 20 minutes of something else is better than nothing, right? You're doing great to figure all this out!!

    Have a great week!

  2. Totally agree with you - I am a bit like that - don't really like changing from arrangements made but I am also finding that sometimes I just need to be able to go with the flow and do what works at the time.

    So glad you are back - hope all is well in your world after your visitor left and that there are no long term repercussions.

    Take care and have fun !!!!

    Love, hugs and positive energy.


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