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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've just downloaded the Blogger app. to my iPhone and wanted to see how it turns out.

Here is a photo I took on my phone the other morning on my way out of the pool. It's nice to be finished a workout as the sun is coming up :)


  1. Test post ... success!

  2. It is good to get your exercise out the way first up in the day - and, if I REALLY got my act together I might be able to do it but for now, I have to be happy with exercising after work. Actually I am just happy that I can exercise whenever - and because I only have one child who turns 20 in a few weeks, I don't have the same time constraints that you have !!!

    Hope your zumba session went well - my run went better than expected and I probably could have run for longer but I didn't want to push it given I haven't run for 6 days and haven't had much to eat either !!

    Have a great week - love, hugs and positive energy !

  3. Agreeing with early workouts, though I'm not doing it as early as you. I'm usually done at the gym or done running by 9:00 am and when I see the line of ladies waiting for a 9:30 class at the gym I'm always glad I'm heading out to shower and get on with my day already.

    I've been seeing you on Daily Mile getting those workouts done. Great job!


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