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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Number 5 on the list : Go Hiking with the family.  It's a little to hard to go on a proper hike with 4 kids and I don't think the hubster would ever go on a proper one with me, so I have learned to compromise, well I have had to compromise otherwise I will never get anything on my list done.

While we were away on holidays, we went to most of the sight-seeing things they had available and one of those things was a lighthouse.....

Cape Schanck Lighthouse
We were a little early and the lighthouse tours weren't opened yet so we decided to go for a little walk and check out the scenery.....

We opted for the Loop Return to Carpark and the scenery was breathtaking.  Here are a few snaps :

everyone except me cause I was taking the photo

view from the track

Holly, Hayden, Ava & Christian

another view from the track

the longest set of stairs I have even seen

at the end of the loop and back near the lighthouse

Everyone enjoyed the walk so I am thinking I can use the experience as a stepping stone towards another walk/hike thingy - who knows??

*Weekly Circuit*

I have decided to include a circuit (which is to be done 3 times a week) into my fitness regime.  This weeks choice is the 90 Day Transformation which comes from The Reality of Skinny.  

P.S. Look at what has finally hit the stores in Melbourne!!!!!! 

I am loving the pineapple flavour, followed by the peach and look at all that protein - 12.4g per 170g tub and only 162 calories :)

Getting the family involved.......

  • Does your partner/family enjoy doing the same things as you?  For example, hiking? 
  • If no, How you do you get them involved?
  • Do you have any other suggestions for me?


  1. nice post!
    wooohooooo that IS a lot of stairs!!! and the view i can imagine was fabulous.

    i am lucky i have a husband who will get out and power walk and hike with me. we get a 8k+ in several times a week. yesterday we did a 10k, power walk that was a killer.
    he has ran and cycled for 25+ years so it was in place when we started our life together so i can't offer anything on how to get a spouse motivated to go if it's not their thing.

    on getting children to go hike/walk... when my daughters were young i would pack a picnic basket and glorify the fun of hiking with finding flowers, spotting birds, etc. the end treat was the picnic. i started this early with them and it became an adventure they looked forward to.

    and then there is my step sons... i got them as teens. they are NOT, no way no how going for a walk, hike or bike for the fun of it.
    i have given up on getting them out and enjoying a beautiful day :(

    have a lovely day! xo

    1. Ooooo, I love the picnic idea and I think I would probably enjoy it more than the kids would, thanks for the tip :)

  2. Sorry I can't give any advice about how to get everyone doing the hiking thing with you - we have always done it together. When we first moved to Australia and we were renting we did a lot of mountain hiking and all loved it but K was a little older than your littlies.

    I love that you are prepared to make compromises to achieve your goals rather than just dismissing them saying that you won't ever get there - LOVE THAT !!!!

    Think maybe I should include some circuit type work on the nights that I run to make sure there is some balance - suppose it depends on how stuffed I am when I get home from running (and if I remember !!!)

    Thanks for the lovely comment that you left me and the tips re the MD classic - I definitely won't be taking it too seriously - if I can run all 4km - great and if not I'll be walking in between. I just feel that I have to start somewhere and 4km sounded so much less daunting than 5km !!!!

    Take care and work hard - love, hugs and positive energy !

  3. Haha, bribery does work, I promise! I think you did the right thing by starting small. Hopefully next time they will be happy going even further!

  4. My husband likes I work out with me, and he plays soccer with my son a lot. My 14-year-old twin girls have mentioned wishing we could go bike riding. I'm hoping for a bike for Mother's Day so we can do that together.

    I'm thinking just taking the kids out to the park and playing might get them into it...since your look young. I'm still trying to find the line between encouraging my kids to be active and not pushing my new life on them. I don't want them to hate exercise, but they do stay active with sports so I think we're good.

    Sorry...long comment here. Glad you got Chobani now. My husband likes the pineapple a peach as well. I prefer Fage honey. Greek yogurt...yum! :)

  5. How good is the pineapple chobanni!!! Really good if you freeze them too. Plain has just been introduced too which will be totally amazing for recipies! That hike looks so good and yes, bribery really does go a very long way!

  6. Hi Jane,
    I wish we had Chobani yoghurt in Brisbane. Just another Aussie health and fitness blogger popping in to wish you a happy weekend.
    Liz N

    1. Hi Liz, thanks so much for popping in I love having visitors. Sydney had Chobani first and I was so jealous but fortunately it arrived in Melbourne so hopefully it will be in Brissy soon.

      I love your blog hop and I will be sure to sign up this week! It's hard to find fitness hops so I am really excited that you have one :)


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