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It's Time to Remove the Batteries

Monday, April 9, 2012

I weighed in this morning at 98.1 kg (216 lbs) and I am down 600 grams (1.3 lbs) this week which I was quite surprised about.  After I weighed myself, I did something drastic!  I took the batteries out of the scales and I will not be weighing myself again until May 21st (6 weeks away) as part of my Shelving the Scales challenge I have set for myself.

I know it will be hard for me being a daily weigher, but I am so tired of just focusing on what the scales say each day/week that I am glad to be having a break from them, it will be a nice change not having the scales ruling my life.  I am not going to give up on myself or my journey, I am just going about it in a different way.  I want to focus on my food and exercise, the parts of the journey I enjoy rather than it all being about that stupid number.

Previously I have used the scales to determine what I will do and have been doing.  I'm only down 200 grams today so I had better not eat that or I should do an extra 30 mins on the treadmill or it's WOW I'm already down 700 grams this week so I can relax a bit with the food and I can skip that workout.  This I think has been a huge problem with my whole journey.  I'm not supposed to skip a workout and eat 5,000 cupcakes or skip a meal because the scales say I can.

I want all the choices I do make to be based on routine.  I want waking up early to workout and eating healthy, nutritious foods to be an everyday part of my life, I want it to come natural to me, I don't want to have have to think about it anymore (my head hurts).  I don't want to say that my life got in the way of me working out ever again, because working out should be a natural part of my life in order for me to obtain and sustain my goals.

Losing the weight, becoming healthy and active is what I want my life to be, my "life" shouldn't get in the way of me doing that.  Finding that path with a healthy balance is what I desire, it's where I want my journey to lead me and at the end of my journey is a lifestyle - my life :

Tell me about your lifestyle.......

  • Are working out and nutritious foods a permanent part of your lifestyle?  
    • If yes, what tips can you share with me?  
    • If no, what secrets do you have that make it easier for you?
  • Do you struggle with your choices everyday?
    • Does it get easier?
  • How much do you rely on your scales?


  1. Well done on removing the batteries! - I am also a daily weigher and realise it affects my day as well - but no quiet ready to give up the morning scales yet!
    I still find it hard to make the right food choices and have very low will power - and especially when I am bored and unmotivated.
    Excercise wise - I realised I need to schedule it in to my week for me - spontaneous excercise just doesn't happen - but then I like routines so that could be why - good luck with your challenge and I am sure you wil be great

  2. hi jane great post.
    oh those scales!!! i have been a daily weigher, honestly, obsessively in spurts. i hate that numbers can have such an impact on my self worth.
    over the last 6 months i have been coming to terms with the numbers a bit more. as in asking myself how i'm feeling about me, rather than getting on the scale and dreading the reading before i even get on. i mean how sad is that. anxiety before even seeing it even if it would be a number i think i would be pleased with i'm anxious. then judging myself against the number... a number that has nothing to do with who i really am.
    so with all that being said i have been breaking through this number game and focusing on eating better and moving and less negative thoughts about myself worth based on scale numbers.
    i have been working more on how i am feeling over all about myself.
    it is all such a process isn't it!
    i have to say i love the feeling after a good workout be it in a power walk, hike, run, cardio, ect. that feels better than anything the scale says.
    so i keep moving, eating well and staying positive.
    have a great day.

  3. I go through phases of being really healthy and then not so much. The scale is not my friend...I use it to punish myself or give myself a check.

  4. Hi Jane!

    Love this post! I had given up the scale for Lent and since its over I haven't stepped on it again. My goal while being based on weight has shifted more to a dress size than anything else. I feel like using the scale is counter-productive and self defeating. Besides when you go the the store to try on a size 6 your weight has nothing to do with it only inches. So I'm gauging my progress with my tape measure.

    Living a "healthy" lifestyle has come in waves for me. There are times I want to do well then there are times that I get discouraged and don't care. Changes I've made are small but in the long run have made a significant impact on my progress. For example, I've stopped eating cheese, meat, and ranch dressing on my salads. I just don't have the same desire for those types of salads anymore. I prefer my salads to have peppers a bit of garlic and tossed in olive oil and a HB egg for protein. It's satisfying nutritionally and emotionally (hence, I don't feel guilty afterwards). I'm slowly learning very slowly that taking the baby steps in the long run yields big results. It's been an extremely slow process and I'm learning to embrace it. Keep up the great work!


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