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A New Look & a Virtual 5k

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It appears that it's that time again ~ time for a change, time for a new look.  Every time I feel as though I am starting a new chapter in my life, my blog also gets a makeover.  

I have changed my blog name (again) cause I don't feel that my old title fits me anymore.  Although I am still very much on my journey to shed the fat suit, see, here I am inside it......

.....the title just doesn't feel right anymore.  I still love attempting to run running, but swimming has also become a huge part of my life.  I have learned a lot over the past year, I am a little more accepting of myself and I even like myself a little now.  Anyway, I just felt the need for a blog makeover, something that was a better fit to how I am feeling now.

Yesterday I completed my 5k Virtual Jelly Bean run that was put on by Jess from  I haven't run since January so I only chose to do the 5k - there was also a 10k, half marathon or a 21 km bike ride.  I will definitely join in again next year and am aiming to do the 10k, the bike ride and maybe, just maybe the half.  You can chose as many or as little of the events to compete in during the week it is held.  This year the Jelly Bean virtual was held from the 1st - 8th of April.

My 5k was very slow, but my goal yesterday was simply to complete the run.  It was hard, but I just kept going even though I wanted to give up a few times along the way.  After the first 1k I was thinking "this isn't so bad, only 4 more to go", after 2.5 kms I was thinking "great half way", after 3 kms I was thinking "I don't think I can keep going" and all the way to 4 kms I was thinking "just finish the rest tomorrow", but when I got to the 4 km mark I told myself "only 1 to go, I can do this - easy" and I put the speed up to 12 and ran at that speed for as long as I could (which wasn't very long).  I desperately wanted to finish the run under 50 mins and to my surprise I ended up hitting the 5 km mark at exactly 49 mins and 30 seconds - yay!

Even though I struggled through most of the race, I felt so good when I finished because I had finished it.  I pushed myself to keep going and that is all I really wanted to achieve.  I am so glad I took part in the race cause it's what I needed to give me that running kick start again.

I could really feel the run in my back afterwards and of course hubby said "your back's sore because you don't workout enough" I replied with "it's sore because it's always sore" stupid man!  My heart rate also soared towards the end of the race yesterday.  I paused everything (treadmill & HRM) and had to just stop and breathe till my heart rate came back down.  My HRM said my maximum heart rate was 235, but I think that's because it's the highest it goes, I honestly think it went higher than that.  I could feel my heart beating in my head, I had pain in my face and I just felt like poo.  After my little break I felt much better so I finished it.  I'm still here so all is good, but I think a trip back to the doctor may be a good idea.  

*HRM Stats*  For total session including cool down

  • Duration : 1 hour 25 seconds
  • Calories : 522
  • Average HR : 146
  • Maximum HR : 235
  • In Zone : 30.12 mins
  • Distance : 5.6 kms

Virtual events, what do you think about them.......

  • Do you ever compete in virtual events?
  • What's your favourite event (virtual or not) to compete in?
  • Have you or would you ever hold a virtual event?


  1. I like the look and the title, Jane!!

    As for virtual runs? I have done a couple and I am running one to help raise $$ for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (see my blog!!).

    Best of luck with your continued journey!!

  2. I like the new title! I did the Jelly Bean too - it's a lot of fun!

  3. Great job on your 5K!!!!

    Yes, I've completed in two virtual races and I like them fine. The one I did you had to post a picture of yourself or some kind of proof that you completed the event, it was the annual Healthy Heart Challenge at

    I don't think I'd hold an event...yet. Maybe someday. :)

  4. WELL DONE !!! I am so glad to read that you kept at it until you were finished - good work !!!!

    I haven't heard of a virtual race but would love to take part. I started running again (see my blog for how it went and what is going on) and was just saying to friends on Twitter I need a goal to aim for so that I feel that there is some purpose to my training.

    Take care and train safely !

  5. Way to go on your finish! That is awesome. I like virtual races ~ Real races are the best! I love being around all of the people. Really fun!

    Keep focused!


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