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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I did a Body Attack class last night for the first time in ages. My son usually has basketball training on but he is mid-season at the moment so I thought instead of wasting the time I would do something useful. I normally go the the Pilates class which is on after Attack but last night I thought I would do both, but I left after Attack. I could barely move, I felt like the kitten!

Last week when I wore my HRM I burnt around 350 cals in Pilates and last night I burnt 628 cals in Attack so obviously Attack is much better for me to lose the weight. I am even really sore this morning. The instructor we have is really scary, not as in mean, but in she really pushes you, she's actually really nice and a great instructor but still scary especially if she has eaten something she shouldn't have - like chocolate cause then she makes us work harder cause shes pushing herself even harder. I won't do a spin / bike class if she is teaching it, it is way too hard for me when she does it, plus I am not real keen on the spin classes either.

Anyway, no gym today as I am slack. I missed my morning boxing class cause I just couldn't be bothered to get up and then tonight there is stuff on at the school so I am missing out on my step and pump classes. I am a little disappointed as they are my favourite classes of the week and I burn just over 1200 cals between the 2 classes. Oh well, will have to eat and track better!

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