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Good Weigh-In

Monday, September 6, 2010

I had a fantastic weigh-in this week with a loss of 2.1kg. I really concentrated on my water intake and I could have been better with my tracking which is what I am concentrating on today. I did some moderate exercise, but I suppose it all works together to give us the losses we get each week. I was really happy with my loss this week, it's been a while since I had a really good one. I doubt my next weigh-in will be as good though, especially with father's day yesterday. I wasn't too bad, but I am sure I went over just a little.

We ended up just ordering pizza for lunch, so I ordered a thin & crispy cheese pizza. Because I knew that the pizza was coming I quickly made up a huge green salad for everyone. I filled my plate with the salad and then only had 2 pieces of pizza so I thought I was doing really well and that it was a really good start to the week, but come dinner time last night I was exhausted. I had put the kids to bed, well most of them and then I had to feed everyone again and I just couldn't be bothered cooking anything so it was left overs. I had another 2 pieces of pizza for dinner, but that's not all. I also had a piece of cake with low fat ice-cream. Overall, I guess it wasn't too bad a blow out for me. Once upon a time I would have eaten the whole pizza in one go and had 2 - 3 pieces of cake and tonnes of lollies and chips which were also floating around all day.

I actually like these type of days when I am tested cause I prove to myself that I am changing, that my habits are getting better. It could have been so much worse yesterday, but I just wasn't interested in scoffing down every morsel that was in front of me. I even gave the in-laws the rest of the pizzas and lollies and soft drinks that weren't used. I just don't want that stuff in the house anymore. I don't need it anymore. I can do this, I will do this.

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  1. Effie, Well done my love. I like your attitude, I agree that sometimes it is good to be tested. You go girl. Martine


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