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Relaxed Weekend

Monday, September 20, 2010

I had a pretty relaxing weekend with an exercise free day on Saturday and then on Sunday the family went to a local fair. There was great food, rides for the kids and even an animal nursery. The kids had a great time especially with the animals. They were even allowed to hold baby ducks, chickens and guinea pigs.

I had a great weigh in yesterday with a loss of 1.3kg so I am very happy about that. It looks like my exercise challenge paid off and I am doing it again this week. I had a good start to the exercise challenge this week with a small cardio session followed by my heavy weight session yesterday. I do pump twice a week now which are fairly light weights and then on a Sunday I do my heavy weights. I am however getting sick of the lunges and squats. I can't even remember how many I did last week.

I didn't do any on Sunday, but on Monday there were some in Body Attack, Tuesday in Step & Pump, Wednesday in Swiss Ball and Thursday in Pump. There were none in Zumba so that was a relief. I just keep thinking of the old "no pain, no gain" mantra when doing the lunges and squats especially in the new Pump release, it is a killer, everything is burning and hurting. I do feel great afterwards so I can't really complain and it is good for me so those good feelings out way the pain which only lasts a few mins before moving onto the next part of the body. I am looking forward to this week and fingers crossed, another good weigh in.

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  1. Good girl Effie, my next focus is exercise which I am finding hard but I know as I lose weight I will have more energy. Well done on the 1.3 kgs Martine x


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