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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, I weighed-in this morning to find a loss of 300 grams, now I know some people get a little disheartened with a small loss like this, but I have to say, I am NOT one of those people. I am really happy with my loss, the reason being is that a loss is a loss and no matter how big or small the loss, it is a step in the right direction, I am a little bit closer to my goal - small steps. I would much rather be 300 grams closer to goal than 300 grams further away from goal. Overall, a great weigh-in, especially considering I have been sick and not been to the gym since last Tuesday.

I was really hoping to get to the gym this morning as Sunday is the beginning of the week for me, but my chest infection is still taking its toll on me - physically, I just feel like absolute rubbish. Also, my youngest girl (2 years) was vomiting all night, first in her cot, stripped that, then in her sisters bed (her sister was in with me and hubby) so I stripped that bed. Then she was sick in my bed with me, hubby and her sister so we stripped that bed - running out of beds here. Anyway, I was up at 2 am stripping and remaking beds and washing quilts and sheets etc. In the end I ended up on the lounge with my sick baby girl, then around 4 am she vomited on my face and all through my hair so I had to have a shower and put another load of washing on. Then at around 6 am kids number 2 & 3 came downstairs and woke me and kid number 4 up. Later on after breakfast, which she ate and she was playing with the others so I thought she must be better, then all of a sudden she is standing beside me vomiting all over the floor and I followed a trail of vomit (yuk - I know) back to the lounge, the throws and cushions. I ended up bathing the 3 little ones mainly cause Holly was covered in vomit from head to toe, poor little thing, she was so upset. 

Anyway by this time child number 1 had arisen from his beauty sleep and him being the Angel he is ran the bath and watched his brother and sisters for me while I cleaned up the vomit trail. Eventually hubby got up and helped me bath the kids who are all sleeping now - thank the lord for peace and quiet. I never understood the phrase 'Silence is golden' until I had children.

Anyway, I feel as though I have had 10 mins sleep all night, I have a bad headache from lack of sleep and with the chest infection on top of all that, I just couldn't face the gym. They have a Farmer's Market once a month down the road from me and I really wanted to go today, but I couldn't even be bothered doing that. I may venture out later to Woolworths cause we need some food for dinner - I'm thinking Mexican. I luurrrrve Mexican food and after many years of practice, I can make myself a beautiful frijole burrito with guacamole and sour cream for 5 points. I often lightly toast it in the sandwich press and make more of a wrap out of it. I am still working on a low point nachos. If I made the chips out of tortillas I think that would help, but nachos is a favourite of mine and I don't like to mess with it too much. I can have it without the cheese so that saves a huge amount of points - maybe a sprinkling of parmesan?????

I have a thing about parmesan cheese at the moment, I can't get enough of it. I regularly have plain pasta - 100gms - 150gms of pasta depending on how hungry I am with a sprinkling (10 grams) of freshly grated parmesan cheese. A filling lunch that is fairly low in points and the carbs help give me energy for the gym. I am really trying not to eat carbs for dinner and have them in the morning and lunch only. I feel it is making a huge difference to the overall way that I eat.

I used to find that coming home from the gym and having a carbohydrate laden meal would make me feel bloated and uncomfortable, but since swapping my meals - dinner at lunch - I feel much lighter - I don't mean weight wise, although it is helping, but I don't have that full, stuffed feeling that makes me sluggish and sleepy. I feel satisfied, which is one thing that WW has been teaching us - don't stuff yourself, eat until you are satisfied. 

I love having a light meal at dinner and another incredible thing is that I am not starving in the morning. I think the way I have changed my meals around is a major thing for me to have learnt. I have been on WW for a while now and finally, some of it is sinking in. It's like Bitch Cakes says when talking about getting to goal and staying there - "Accept that it's a process and it's forever. Remind yourself that it needs to take time so you learn everything you need to learn. It *should* take time so you have the chance to build the healthy habits that will keep you there when you get there".

I just remembered that it's my SIL's birthday tomorrow so I need to organise something for that. I usually organise the cake for family and friends and I make sure I get something I don't like, now I know this probably sounds a little weird to some but everyone loves a torte - blackforest maybe?? I can't stand a torte especially blackforest so that would be the perfect cake for me to get as there is no temptation what so ever for me to have a piece. I think my weakness will be the soft drink. I have been following another blog and the lady in question has given up sugar in her coffee - that to me is champion material, now I don't drink coffee, but I do live for diet coke so I decided in honour of my non-sugar muse, to not have soft drink for a week which I acieved yesterday, but I decided to continue with my soft drink free challenge. I am up to day 8 today but I know there will be soft drink there tomorrow night, hopefully there will be no diet soft drink so I won't be tempted to have any, but if there is diet coke or pepsi max I don't know how I will hold out.

There is also a WW challenge of "giving something up" for the week so as well as attempting to again go without soft drink this week, I am also adding in bread. Now I know there are many people out there who don't agree with giving up carbs, but that is not what I am doing. I simply want to try and go a week without bread becaue this is a huge weakness of mine. It's not so much the bread itself, but the toppings that go with it, so if I don't have bread, I won't be able to have toast with lashings of hot melting butter swirling into the sweet raspberry jam as it all infuses together mmmmmmm, yum. I had better stop, I am making myself hungry. My peace is over - I can hear movement coming from upstairs, which means my Angels are awake, there goes the door so they are definitely on their way downstairs. Time to wake up hubby and go to the shops I think!!!

My small loss has turned into a long ramble so I do apologise to anyone reading who is in a hurry, but I just felt like typing today. Anyway I still have my third load of washing sitting in the machine, so I had better go and get that out and do what I need to do. I just got carried away with the peace and freedom to just sit and type.

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  1. Effie you poor thing! I don't think I have ever heard of so much vomit lol. I hope the little ones get better and congrats on your loss.


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