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Monday, September 27, 2010

I was feeling better yesterday, but with other things that had happened I just couldn't face the gym. I was really looking forward to going tonight, but I have been informed that we are going out for dinner. It is my sister-in-laws birthday today and we have to go out for that. I mean, I have nothing against celebrating her birthday, but my youngest girl has a viral infection and is now on medication. She is really lethargic and she won't even play with her twin - this never happens. I suggested to my husband that we stay home and do something next week, but I was told that the venue was booked. 

Anyway, this just means another night of no exercise, but never fear as I will be pulling out all the stops from tomorrow and making up for all my lost classes. I am missing Body Attack and treadmill work tonight. I sometimes do Pilates after attack, but I don't know if I like it. I know it's all core work, but the Swiss ball class works on the core as well and it is a much better workout by about 200 calories, so I think the Swiss ball is better for what I need at the moment and that is fat burning. I think I would be better off focusing on my weight loss and doing my treadmill work where I can burn over 500 calories in 50 mins as opposed to around 300 in Pilates.

Pilates for me, just isn't one of those classes that I feel like I HAVE to attend each week. I suppose it's like a lot of other classes out there, you either love them and have to go back each week or you don't like them. My favourite class is Step, but unfortunately between my timetable and the gym timetable I can only get to 1 step class a week. I go to a Fernwood, which is a franchise so maybe I will have to check out some other Fernwoods and their timetables close to me and see if I can find a few more step classes to get to.

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