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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, I managed to drag myself to the gym again tonight and I did my favourite class which is step followed by a Pump class. I was a little disappointed in myself though as I didn't give the step class 100% tonight. My right foot is still really sore from yesterdays workout and I also did something to my neck which was really quite sore. When we were stretching at the end of the step class I felt and heard a great big crack from my back and my neck is much better now, still a little sore but 100 times better than before.

Overall my exercise challenge is going really well. It started out as just a mini challenge for the week last week and I ended up going to the gym 6 days which was my goal. I found it relatively easy to do - the hardest part was getting to the gym but once I was there it was easy. I do find it a lot easier if I have a class to go to than just going and doing it on my own, luckily there are classes that I like each day except Sunday so I decided to extend my challenge to this week as well. So far I have done 3 out of the 6 days - only 3 to go.


  1. Effie, thanks for the post on my blog, updating it shortly. You do inspire me with your exercise. Once I get 4 losses in a row (2 more to go) I am doing a exercise challenge. You have inspired me to try a few classes. Martine x

  2. Effie you put a post on my blog, I wasn't sure how to contact you. Thanks for saying I am your muse re sugar. You are my muse re exercise.


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