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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Well, I think the bug that has shut this house down for 3 weeks has finally gone. We have been vomit free for 2 nights now so fingers crossed it has run its course and vanished forever. The best news of all though is that I can finally get back to the gym for a brand new week starting tomorrow.

I weigh-in on a Sunday - I only do online, I don't go to meetings cause I have only ever had bad experiences with them and I get soooo much more support online. Anyway, I will weigh in tomorrow BEFORE I go to the gym. I actually found out yesterday that if you exercise before jumping on the scales (not really jumping on cause I would break them) and that if your heart rate is high the scales will be high as well and that it is really important to stand perfectly still. I found this out from the WW boards, one of the ladies on there is a weigher at meetings and she always has these little tips for us which is great.

So I will weigh myself and then head off to the gym. First I will do my weights and sit ups and then I will do some cardio as well. I am really excited to get back into it and can't wait till morning. I am also re-doing my whole exercise schedule to include some DVD's at home cause I would really love to drop another 10kg by Christmas which is 11 weigh-ins away, 10 after tomorrow so if I up the exercise, drink my water and track, track, track I am hoping that things will go my way and the 10kgs will go. 

I do know however, that even if I don't lose the whole 10kgs that I will not punish myself for not doing this or not doing that. I certainly will not just give up thinking that it is just hopeless because I know that it isn't hopeless, I can do this and I will give it my best shot and get the result that I deserve!!!!

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