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Thursday, October 7, 2010

This week I have given up the hot chocolates. I was starting to get into this dangerous situation of every single time I left the house I had to buy a hot chocolate and even though I wouldn't get marshmallows and I would always order it with skim milk I did add a shot of caramel syrup so there is at least an extra 1 point every time (not to mention the cost on my wallet). Besides, how do we really know that they use skim milk?? I have never actually seen them make it so I don't really know if it is skim or not.

I used to work at the races on a Saturday and I was the coffee girl which meant getting coffee for everyone, usually around 5 - 6 people and my boss would always ask for skim milk. Now because it was one of those stands you could see what was being made and they used "Lite" milk. It was low fat, but not skim and that is the only milk they had so do we really know what we are getting???????? Anyway the main reason I have given up the hot chocolate is because I was falling into a dangerous pattern which I am sure would have become a bad habit. I think I will just give up the hot chocolate with my normal chocolate till Christmas time.

This week I am still off the soft drink as well as the bread. I am totally over the soft drink now and it doesn't even phase me when I see it where a few weeks ago, I would have knocked people out of the way at the supermarket to get one. 
My husband drinks soft drink every night at dinner and he would let my oldest have some as well, but I have actually stopped him from having it every night. He is restricted to Friday and Saturday nights only with any special occasions thrown in, like a birthday. As far as the bread is concerned, I don't really miss it that much which is surprising considering how much I love the stuff. One of the things about the bread is that I feel soooooo much better and am no where near as bloated as I was before. Maybe giving up the bread permanently might not be such a bad choice. Now all I have to do is decide what I will be avoiding next week - so much to choose from I don't know where to begin.

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