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Good start to the Week

Monday, October 18, 2010

So far the start to my week has been great. I had a 1.5 kg loss which took me under 100kgs into double digits - very excited about that. I went to the gym and did my usual Sunday weight session which went really well burning 1286 calories and doing over 10,000 steps. My steps weren't over the 10,000 by much, but at least they were over. My mini self-challenge is to have a minimum of 10,000 steps per day except Saturday. Saturday is my day off - no exercise.

I know that the experts say we are supposed to exercise everyday when losing weight, but I think it is important that I let my body recover from the weeks activities and just have a rest day. I fear that if I don't do this I will just burn out and start to hate my exercise so I apologise to all the experts out there, but I am having 1 day off per week.

I am really excited about this week, I just have a good feeling about it. The week has started off really well going into double digits and I know the week is going to finish brilliantly. I am off for a night away on Saturday with my hubby. It is for our Wedding Anniversary which isn't until November, but because of things beyond my control we have to celebrate it this weekend. Not that I am complaining, I can't wait to have a nice night away without any kids - no fighting, no crying and no stress. It is going to be great. The only downside is that because I will be away on the Sunday morning, my weigh-in day, I have to weigh-in a day early.

The package includes a 3 course dinner in our room and the entree is cooked in our room by our personal chef, a "romantic" photo (not really looking forward to that one), a personalised bath robe each, 2 free movies with popcorn and a 6 pack of beer or bottle of wine, valet parking mmmm can't wait to pull up in the Tarago (lol), a half hour massage each and buffet breakfast the following day. The best news of all is that I am not even concerned about overeating or my points. I think that because I have learned so much from WW and received so much help and support from all my WW friends and blogging friends that I know I can go away and not just blow a weeks worth of points. I think being in a good head space which is where I am now also really helps. Can't wait!!! :)))

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  1. Double digits - wow wee ! That is fabulous. I so admire your commitment to exercise, well done.


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