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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I just feel like poo at the moment. For the last 10 days the kids, myself and hubby have been sick, either someone is vomiting or pooing or both. It just doesn't seem to stop. Holly started 10 days ago, she seemed to have a 24 hour bug, the next day Christian, then Ava, then me and then hubby. The only one who hasn't been sick is Hayden - the oldest child and just when you think everything is back to normal it all starts again. 

On Saturday, my husband, Christian and Ava were all sick. My sister came down to Melbourne (from Brisbane) for work and stayed with us and she got it as well. Last night Christian was sick again so at 3.30am I am doing a load of washing and then this morning I had to do more washing cause Holly was covered in poop. This has been non stop for 10 days now and I am soooooooooooooooooooooo over it. I have only made it to the gym once in those 10 days and I can't handle it anymore. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going mad!! The only time I get away from it all is when I go to the gym, but because of everyone including me being so sick it has been practically impossible for me to go. I really wanted to go last night, but it was the twins birthday and we had some family over so that put that out. I am hoping to go tonight if all goes well. I don't even know how many loads of washing I have done and I am dreading the next electricity bill cause most of the stuff has been going in the dryer as it has been raining.

Sorry everyone, but this is just a huge vent post for me today. My weightloss has been crappy. I mean, I know I have lost and I am happy with that, but 400 grams in 2 weeks just isn't good enough. I was losing over a kilo per week as I was tracking properly and exercising and the best thing was I was really, really enjoying it and now it has all come to a stand still. I am even getting text messages from the gym asking where I am and to top it all off, my husband comes home from work yesterday with a box of 500 Timeout chocolate bars...........................

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  1. Oh Effie that's just terrible. So sorry you've all been so sick, gosh it seems to be going around right now. I hope everyone's feeling better and you can get your groove back. As for hubby, a smack upside the head in order?? Oh you have twins?? Me too! I have 1 year old girls :D


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