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A week of festivities!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When I say a week of festivities don't get too excited I just mean my daughters 4th birthday on Friday and then I am going away on Saturday night for my wedding anniversary where I will have little control over the way food is cooked.

I am not too concerned with the birthday cause it is at my place and I will be providing the food, but on Saturday night the food is prepared by a chef in our room and there is a set menu and then on Sunday I have a buffet breakfast, which shouldn't be too bad, I just need to make the best choices I can. Can't wait to go away, only 3 sleeps to go!!!!!!

I did my Swiss Ball class this morning and as usual Sally (the instructor) was excellent, the class was completely different from the week before and there were more hard moves that really pushed me to my limits. After Swiss I did a Studio Cycle class and my bum hardly hurts at all I must finally be getting used to the seat. Both classes pushed me hard and I was really looking forward to the end of my gym session today. I love going to the gym, but I think out of all the stuff I do there, Wednesday morning would have to be the toughest physically and mentally. I am starting to wonder whether it's because I do step and pump the night before and my body is still in recovery mode or something.

Anyway, a little pain and exhaustion isn't going to stop me from continuing with my gym program. Every time I wanted to give up and just go home this morning I just kept thinking about my new favourite mantra - "the minute you stop, nothing changes" and it keeps me going - thanks Louisa.

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