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Exercise Challenge - Day 1

Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is day 1 of my exercise challenge which is for me to go to the gym 6 days a week for a minimum of an hour. So far I have been successful with a Zumba class this morning and I am planning on going to my Body Attack class tonight depending on time. I love my Body Attack class cause Louisa (the scary one) really pushes you to your limit, which I suppose, is what a good instructor should do.

I call Louisa the scary one because you just wouldn't dare give anything but your best in her class, but I don't mind cause I always come out with a calorie loss of 600 or a little more. Even though she can be frightening, she is actually really nice, she just wants us to get the most out of our workouts, so time permitting, I will be in for an aerobics bashing later on tonight.

Tomorrow - Tuesday I am planning on doing my Step class followed by Pump, Wednesday will be Swiss ball and maybe, just maybe that awful Studio Cycle. I am really hesitant to do the cycle class. I am much better than I used to be at it and it is getting easier, but I just don't like it. I just made my decision (I think) that NO I won't do it. I am always telling myself that I must enjoy my exercise to keep myself interested and motivated to go so I don't really want to force myself to do something that I don't enjoy otherwise I am more than likely not going to go to Swiss ball either.

Anyway, Thursday will be Pump again, Friday another Zumba class, Saturday OFF and Sunday is my heavy weight session where I use a combination of machine and free weights. I use fairly light weights in Pump so I like to really push myself on a Sunday with my weights. I get to use the PT room and no one else uses it so I have it all to myself and lately I have started to do some boxing in there as well after my weights. Sunday is my favourite day at the gym, very peaceful.

There is a Pilates class on after Body Attack and I have been thinking about doing that as well. I used to do it and I enjoyed it, especially the relaxation / meditation at the end. I have also been thinking about doing a yoga class and see how that goes. I used to do a Body Balance class, but I always ended up with bad back pain. I don't know whether that was a sign to not do it or that my core needed strengthening, which I know it does. Swiss ball uses the core alot so that's why I haven't really been doing Pilates, but I think I will get back into that, for a little while anyway and see what benefits I can see.

That's enough ramble for now, but before I go I will just put in my HRM stats from Zumba.

Zumba 14 Feb 2011

Duration : 57 mins 6 seconds
Calories : 590
Avg. Heart Rate : 154
Max. Heart Rate : 175
In Zone : 18 mins 43 seconds

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