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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 1 of my exercise challenge was a huge success. I Zumba'd away the morning ridding myself of 590 calories then I made it to my Body Attack class later that night burning a further 656 calories and then I had to walk home from the gym which burned another 238 calories with a grand total of 1,484 calories for the day - not a bad result at all!

I have a Step class followed by Pump planned for tonight which will also include a walk home from the gym so I am hoping for another 1000 calorie loss, or at least close to it anyway. I am really enjoying my exercise but I think that's because I really enjoy the classes I do at the gym and one of the reasons I love doing the classes is because I look at them like an appointment. I love having to go to the gym with something already planned for me to do, it's less for me to think about and the classes seem to make my gym visits go faster. Having said that, I do love my Sunday weight session where it is just me and I go at my own pace, I always try to burn at least 500 cals during that session so when I have finished my weights I will do some run ups on the step or kick or punch the punching bag till the 500 cals have gone.

My exercise for Exercise Challenge - Day 1 looked like this :

I would really like to incorporate some skipping into my program because this is something that I am terrible at and I would really like to improve it so I think I will go and check out some exercise DVD's and see if there is anything available.

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