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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post (about 30 mins ago), I have been inspired by Bitch Cakes to try out some fun runs. I just love reading her Fitness Adventures! Her latest was the Gridiron Classic 4 mile run in Central Park and at the moment I can only dream about being able to run like she does, or any runner for that matter, but it is being able to actually see her adventures, through her many photos (2 attached - look at that snow), that I can see that my dream of becoming a runner isn't just a dream, but that it can come true and become a reality, just like Sheryl's (aka Bitch Cakes) did.

There are sooooo many fun runs on the internet it is really hard to choose which ones to do or not do. I did find a running club that caters for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced runners so I am thinking that may be the way for me to go. They have a fun run each month, so I was thinking about signing up for one in June or July and then do one a month until the big one in December, well big for me anyway - it's a 10k run. I would love to be able to do it and I am planning on being at my goal weight as well (This is MY year to reach goal) and I think if I start training now, I may be able to run the 5k in June and then work my way up (they have runs that are 6, 7 or 8k as well), to the 10k by December.

I am actually really excited about starting to train for my first fun run, well second one. I did a 5k last winter, but I only walked it. Like I said above, this is MY year. My year to shine, reach my goal weight and achieve anything I want to achieve - like running 10ks in December.

Thanks again Sheryl for the inspiration. Every time I look at your photo of you running in the snow I feel determined to prove to myself that I CAN achieve my goals.

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