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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have found a few good iPhone applications on weight loss. One is called Target Weight and as you update your weight it displays how many kilos left to go. There is also a visual graph of your losses (and any gains you may have) . Now I knew my weight loss has been slow, but I didn't realise it was THIS slow! I went in to have a look at my graph and it told me what my average weight loss per week was plus some other information and then the last bit says - at this rate, you can reach your Target Weight on 13 / 2 / 2013. WHAT??? 2013 - two thousand and thirteen.

I couldn't believe it. I want to be at goal by December 1 2011, not February 2013 so in light of this "announcement" I will definitely need to get a move on and start losing faster than what I have been doing. This just proves to me that I haven't been following the WW program properly because if I was, surely it wouldn't take me that long to get to goal.

Anyway, this bit of information has really forced me to see exactly how slack I have been . I know it's not the exercise that is letting me down, it is obviously the food so I will really have to crack down on that and track, track, track my way to goal. Only I can do this for me, no one else is going to so now I need to take responsibility for my slackness and get moving towards a better, healthier and happier me.

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  1. wow im going to have a look at that app. i bet im in the same boat. some place in 2013-2014. :S

    thannks for the rice tip for my phone! i hadnt heard of that b4 and it worked a treat! yay now i have my phone back :)


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