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The Best Week Ever

Thursday, March 31, 2011

First up this week, I lost weight, it wasn't a huge number but I am really pleased with it. I lost 800 grams - all smiles here today!

Secondly - It's here, it's here!!! It has finally arrived. Yes, my treadmill arrived this morning. I was told between 9 and 12 pm and of course I was expecting closer to 12 so you can imagine my surprise and delight when the truck pulled up at 9.15am. Saying I was excited is very understated. "The man" as the kids called him brought it inside and assembled it for me. The only bummer this morning was that the vibration platform didn't arrive. There was some sort of mix up between the equipment company and the delivery company, but I know it will get sorted out so I am not too concerned. (The pic isn't my exact treadmill, but it is similar)
Also in some other exciting news this week my Spirooli arrived. A Spirooli is a little machine that turns vegetables and fruit (pototato, sweet potato, zucchini, carrots and apples just to name a few) into noodles. I was very impressed with the company I bought this from called RAW. I ordered it last week over the internet and it arrived early this week - very prompt service with no hassles what so ever. I have used it a couple of times since Monday, but haven't taken any pics yet, but I can show you what it looks like from a pic on the website.
It comes with 3 different blades - thin noodles, thick noodles and then strips. Plus, if you cut the vege a certain way you can make chips. It is fantastic and I love it. I will put some pics up as soon as I take them. Each time I have used it I have been so excited that I have forgotten to take any photos, plus the kids eat the carrots and apples as I do them so there are never any left. I think sweet potato noodles in a stir fry sounds pretty good at the moment - I wonder what's for dinner??

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  1. Congrats on your loss :) (strange saying that for a positive situation)

    That spirooli looks cool! What an interesting way to make noodles. I bet your kids just eat them up!


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