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The Best Week gets Even Better

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I have had the best week this week. Not only did my Spirooli arrive, my treadmill and vibration platform were delivered, I lost weight AND my MDC Fun Run number......

...and Running chip arrived in the mail.

I was soooo excited when they got here my husband thought I was an idiot, but I was too happy to care.

*Back to Basics*

The other day I wrote a post about going back to basics and working on portion sizes. It has been going really well and I am still using my smaller bowls and plates. I love using the smaller bowl because it makes the portion look bigger than it is. This is 1 portion which is 40 grams of this particular cereal.

Then I add just 1/2 a cup of milk which fills the bowl even more giving the illusion of a huge big serve of cereal. Head tricks work a treat with me.

Nothing much else to report at the moment so I am off to read my blogs that I follow and maybe even find some new ones as well.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. My sister lost HEAPS of weight as a teen by using a bread and butter plate instead of a dinner plate. She ate the same foods as the rest of us, just less. Nearly 10 years later she has kept off the extra kgs :0)

    Ps - I borrowed FAST FOOD NATION from the library, that is next :0)


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