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I need Aromatherapy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I can not wait till Thursday!!!!! Why???? Because that is the day that my treadmill is supposed to arrive. I haven't had a decent workout for nearly 2 weeks and I am slowly going insane with the kids at the steering wheel. Normally the stuff they do doesn't really bother me to the point of explosion, but this last week every little thing they do is really getting to me and sending me over the edge.

I was doing the washing downstairs and I could hear a commotion upstairs. After a few minutes of being ignored when I told them to come down stairs I went up only to find my room completely trashed. It is amazing what they can do in 3 minutes. My wardrobe was open and any shoes they could get their little hands on were thrown around the floor. This is just part of the mess!

They had also gotten my husband's football flag out and used it to knock down things they can't reach like my face cream which was smeared into their hair. This was the commotion I could hear. I just looked at them as they scattered in 3 different directions - 1 under the bed, 1 into the wardrobe and the other in to the bathroom. I just wanted to cry.

Finally my older boy arrived home from school and played with the 3 monsters while I cleaned up. It wasn't a huge mess, but it was just another thing for me to do. I am just glad that the cream wasn't smeared into the carpet and my shoes as well as their hair.

I have a thing about shoes and I look after them pretty well so that was just another thing to really bug me! I'm not sure whether it's just another OCD that I have or if it's inherited. My Grandmother did the same thing with her shoes.

I took some pics of some of my more worn shoes. I love these little slip-ons. They are very plain, but I just loved the buckle on them so that's why I bought these, but also because they go with absolutely everything.

I also love these simple black slip-ons, again, they go with almost everything and I just loved the little detail in them - a little something to spice up the old favourite black.

Getting ready to go back to bed.

Back safe and sound.

I know it doesn't sound like much - they made a mess in my room, big whoop, but it is constantly like this everyday all day. The minute I turn my back something is destroyed. Normally when I am exercising regularly I can handle it. I find that the exercise really puts me in a good mood, it calms me down and I can clear my mind of all things negative and bothersome. I also sleep better when exercising.

I just can't wait till Thursday - 2 more sleeps - till my treadmill arrives. I know I could go outside and run, but the only time I can go is when it's dark when the kids are still sleeping and my husband won't let me cause "it's too dangerous". Also, mentally speaking, I don't think I am quite there yet with running the distance I need to outside. I will get there, I know I will, I just need a little more time.

Bring on Thursday - I will be jumping for JOY!!!!

In the meantime I think I should book in for some relaxing aromatherapy.


  1. Bring on Thursday!
    Very excited for you :0)

  2. cool blog .. good luck with your running


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