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Learning to Run

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You may (or not) have noticed that I have changed my blog title again. I think this is the 4th title now, but I was never really happy with the others for a few reasons. One reason was that I needed to name it something so I just put the first thing that came into my head. Since then I have changed the look a few times, including the title and still was never really happy with it. It just didn't feel right. I think I am getting closer now though cause the new title is more relevant to what I am actually trying to achieve. I guess as I "grow" (hopefully shrink) on my journey my blog will have to grow as well.

I am not just on a weight loss journey anymore! I am now learning, trying, attempting, no - more like struggling to run. I am sloooooowly getting better with my running and can now run a whole 2 kms without stopping once. I know compared to some that this is really embarrassing and pathetic, but it is a big, huge, massive thing for me cause I never thought that I would ever be able to run 2 kms in a million years. I recently discovered that it is best for me to slow down and work on my distance THEN work on my speed when I get the distance sorted out. I am running out of time though - I have my Fun Run in May which isn't too far away now. Here's a picture of me running :
Did I fool you??? That's not me, of course it's not me, I don't even like the beach. Yes, you heard right! It's an embarrassing confession, but I don't like the beach and I dislike the water even more.

Now, here's a photo of me running :

Nahhh, that's not me either, it could be, but it isn't.

My treadmill that didn't arrive last Wednesday still hasn't arrived (still feeling sad about it). There was a mix up with the application because it was in my husband's name because I don't work (SAHM), but the account the money was coming from was in my name so they just declined it. It is all sorted now and my treadmill is definitely arriving this Thursday, but even better news is that while all this was being sorted out - face to face with the Area Manager - I snuck in one of those vibrator platform things as well woooooo hoooooo very excited.

Back to the reason for my post - Learning to run. I have been following a few running blogs lately as well as my weight loss blogs (some are both) and I have to share my all time favourite running blog - The Hungry Runner Girl. It is owned by Janae who is an amazing athlete who runs marathons and I also find her hilarious.

Sometime back in February while scrolling through her blog I came across a post she had written about how each race she runs she learns something new. Luckily for me as a beginner, Janae listed some of her running tips. I copied down 7 of them cause a few others didn't really apply to me like getting a running coach. Firstly I can't really afford one and secondly I don't think there would be a running coach anywhere in the world that would take me on as a client "Yeah hi, I can run 2kms without stopping" beep, beep, beep (that's the phone being hung up in my ear).

Here are the tips I felt were relevant to me :

(1) Train in harsh conditions - I guess this means I actually have to go outside in the fresh air!
(2) Don't try anything new the week of the race - Don't worry I'm not going to run a marathon the day before my huge 4 km run.
(3) Be organised - I think I can handle this one.
(4) Accept that some things are out of your control - I think this means that I am not allowed to cry if a 5 year old overtakes me while running in the rain.
(5) Trust my training - This is where I have to believe in myself and not give up on myself on the day because I am really nervous and scared (which I know I will be - takes me back to my old netball days)
(6) Don't put so much pressure on yourself - If things go badly I am not going to freak out (I hope) because there will always be a race around the corner that I can improve on.
(7) Be my own friend - Don't get too hard on myself if I stuff up.

I love these tips and I feel extremely fortunate to have found them and the wonderful Hungry Runner Girl blog - Thanks a million Janae, you are a legend!!


  1. First off, you would a be great client for a running coach! Remember tip 7, be your own friend mean don't put yourself down!

    I definitely agree with Tip 1, I did most of my half-marathon training in the winter and I am so much stronger mentally because of it. Don't go balls to the wall, ease your way into it!

    oh, and I still don't run continuously! so your definitely ahead of me!

  2. Today was a great day for me to call in. I too have toyed with the name of my blog a few times and even its shape and purpose, only to come back to my original name. You go girl, experiment away :0)

    I 've realised of late that losing weight is only part of this journey you and I are on. We are learning so much more.

    I love this post :0)

    I am on a mission to go sugar free, I made a yummy sugar free dessert last night from scratch, no recipe. My hope is to do so much more of trusting myself and giving things like sugar free chocolate free recipes a go.

    I started the couch to 5k programme, it was a great tool. let us know how you are doing :0)


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