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Going about it the Wrong Way

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have recently discovered that I am an idiot, well that's not a recent discovery, but what I have discovered is that I have been going about my weight loss journey entirely the wrong way!

I have been trying to be sooooo good with food that I end up binging on crapolla which is probably why I had a 1.2 kilo gain this weigh-in. I need to just allow myself some treats every now and then to satisfy the cravings.

I have to learn to be more relaxed about the whole thing including my exercise. I am practicing for my Fun Run in May, which is 4 kms. I know it's not really that far, but for someone who used to barely be able to get up of the couch by herself and had trouble putting shoes on and doing them up, 4 kms is not easy for me. I am lighter and fitter now, I can do any aerobics class at the gym that I want to do and I can lift a reasonable weight, but running is new for me and I am loving it. I wanted to push myself a little further so I entered a 4 km run.

I have been so intent on working on my speed that I wasn't really running very far each time. The other day I thought to myself why don't I slow my speed down and see what happens - OMG, that sounds like a sensible person. Voila! I actually ran for 2 kms without stopping - this is huge for me - I was soooooo excited and I felt so good. The best part was that I realised that I WILL be able to run the whole 4 kms.

On more exciting news, my running shirt that I ordered when I entered the Fun Run arrived yesterday, unfortunately my husband saw the package "what have you been buying now?" I just played dumb "Oh, is that for me, I don't know, it must be a gift" He was in a hurry to get to work and forgot about it. Here is a piccy or 2.

I had to peg it to the curtain so I could see the logo

Later on that day another package arrived for me. I was very glad that hubby was already at work. I think he has finally cracked onto my internet shopping and that not everything I receive in the mail is a gift :)

On the recommendation of Julie from PBF I bought - The Art of Running in the Rain (not about running)...

...and Water for Elephants (not sure what it is exactly about, but I have never heard a bad thing about it).

I also bought The Forgotten Garden.

I was getting tired of reading about weight loss and fitness and food that I thought these would be a nice change. I am still reading Sweet Poison and it is OK, but there are sooooo many statistics that I get a little bored. I will finish Sweet Poison first and then I will decided which book to read next. Love having choices.

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