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The Dreaded Autumn Sniffles

Monday, April 18, 2011

I haven't done any workouts for days. I managed a good run last week and then I was hit with an awful cold. It got my head and chest at the same time so I thought it was best if I didn't train for a few days. My headaches have been really horrible so I have had to bring out the big guns - medicine wise - Panadeine Forte.

I have been having a nice hot lemon tea with some added honey in the mornings to see if it helps at all. I love lemon flavoured things so the tea is more of a treat and I have only been adding the honey to see if it helps my throat and it usually does for a little while. I absolutely love these little snapNsqueeze honey sachet thingies, it makes using the sticky stuff much easier with a lot less mess too.
All hot beverages must be consumed in my favourite mug (another of my OCD's) - my garfield mug which was given to me by a good friend of mine about 25 years ago. The amazing thing is we are still in touch. We live in different states now, but luckily there are telephones and facebook.

Yesterday I was feeling better as my cold has finally left my chest. I am always a bit weary about exercising when I have a chest cold - I did this once and ended up in hospital with pneumonia - Not a good move.

So, yesterday I went for a run on my beloved treadmill, but I thought I should take it easy so I only ran for 2 kms yesterday. I have also been reading Crunch Time by Michelle Bridges and she says that to simulate outdoor running you have to run on an incline of 2, so that is what I did yesterday. I really want to be ready for my fun run next month so I am going to practice as much as possible. After my treadmill work I decided to do a Pilates DVD. It was both easy and hard at the same time and I am a little sore today from it.

I have only done Pilates in an actual class about 3 times so I knew a couple of the moves from the DVD, but now that I have done the DVD, I know all the moves it has so I know what to expect next time. The DVD recommends doing the DVD 3 times a week, but I don't think I will be able to fit it in that often as I have other tapes that I like to do as well - something to think about I guess.

Sunday, 17 April 2011
  • 1.32.03 mins (includes treadmill & Pilates)
  • 618 calories
  • 124 - avg. HR
  • 190 - max. HR
  • 25.29 mins in zone
Treadmill break-up
  • TOTAL - 27.25 mins - 3 kms
  • 16.07 mins - 2 km run
  • Incline - 2
  • Speed - 7.3 to 9.5
  • 1 km of walking
  • Incline - 5
  • Speed - 4 - 6
I have a similar workout planned for tonight so I am hoping to see the scales go down this week. Last week they went up again, which takes me to 2 gains in a row, totalling 800 grams which is the exact amount I lost the week before the gains so basically, I have maintained for another 3 weeks. Better than a huge gain though, so still smiling :)


  1. I hope you feel better, nothing worse than being unwell when you are a Mum you can't call in sick :)

  2. I too have a special cup.... heaven help anyone who drinks out of it! lol

    I just signed up for Pilates intro, beginning in May. Mega mega excited, I have wanted to join a class for so long.

    Hope you are feeling better real soon hun!

  3. Hope you feel better soon...Forgot you were south of the equator for a minute and wondered about "autumn" sniffles..LOL It's spring here in U.S.

    Take care!


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