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The Stolen Winter Ninja

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have stolen the above picture from Bec's Adventure because she has given me something fantastic to focus on, but more on that further down the page.


I only had a very small workout this morning for a couple of reasons - 1 being the kids were awake and they kept throwing toys onto the treadmill and then laughing as the toys flew off the back. It was funny and I hated breaking up their fun, but I kept tripping over the toys. I drew the line when one of them threw a baby blanket at my feet and I got tangled.

I had done just over 2 kms by then so I thought I would call it quits and move onto something else. The best thing about the treadmill is that it has a safety key which means that the kids can't start it without the key. The key also works as an emergency stop button if I ever need it.

I then jumped on the vibration platform for 10 mins. For the first minute I just stood there relaxing, the second minute I did squats, then stood, then more squats. I just alternated each minute with standing and squatting. The kids kept trying to stand up as well and when I was squatting I ended up squashing one of them - they enjoyed it anyway.

I remember when these vibration things first came out and as usual I thought it was just another gimmick thing, BUT I was watching some health show on Foxtel and each week they do some sort of survey using beauty and health products. This particular week they were showing the results for The Best Butt Reducing Workout research that had been done. To my surprise, the vibration platform came in at number 1, but you can't just stand there, you also have to do the exercises as well, for example, squats. At a close number 2 was some Wii type thing where you have to balance on a board that moves as though you are snowboarding down hills.

Here are my HRM results for this morning :

Tuesday, 19 April 2011
  • 38.41 mins (includes treadmill & squats)
  • 387 calories
  • 152 - avg. HR
  • 186 - max. HR
  • 19.11 mins in zone
Treadmill break-up
  • TOTAL - 22.25 mins - 2.3 kms
  • 17.35 mins - 2 km run
  • Incline - 2
  • Speed - 7 - 9
  • 300 mts of walking
  • Incline - 6
  • Speed - 6


As usual I was exploring blogs this morning and I came across a great post that I could really relate to over at Bec's Adventure called Winter Ninja. I just loved the post because it is something that I have dreamed about doing. Emerging from the layers of winter as a somewhat thinner/close to goal type of shape.

It was the TA DA that I think won me over. I would love to be able to jump in front of my sister, rip off my coat and scream TA DA in her face - a little weird I know, but that's because I am a little weird, plus I think it would be funny knowing that she wouldn't even notice I had lost any weight at all. My sister would just look at me with a strange look on her face that says *you are an idiot* and just ask "what are you doing?" We have very different views on what is and isn't funny. I think most things are funny and she doesn't think anything is funny - poor girl.

My Winter Ninja Challenge starts here, right now, not tomorrow, but NOW. It is time to get serious and shed the kilos. Thanks a million for the motivation Bec xx

1 comment:

  1. I am so excited that you loved the Winter Ninja idea!! I have pictured it in my head and you know on t.v. when something happens and everyone gasps at the same time.. well that is what I picture everyone doing when I take my winter coat off lol. Extremely dramatic and not likely to happen but it makes me laugh and motivates me so why not. I love the image of your TA DA moment and your sister not getting it he he. So fellow Winter Ninja lets do this together!!!

    By the way I am sorry but I cracked up at the image of your kids throwing stuff at the treadmill, I bet they were hilarious! I am glad you survived the baby blanket though lol.

    Thanks again for liking my post!!


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