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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why is tracking so hard for me???

It is the hardest part of my weight loss journey. I have never really understood why tracking is so hard for me when it really is as easy as writing a list.

I like writing lists - I write them all the time for shopping or reminding me of things that I need to do. If I don't write things down and make lists I forget what needs doing or buying from the supermarket. So WHY, when it comes to tracking is it so hard for me? Why do I find it so difficult to list my foods and just WRITE them down?

Luckily for me Bitch Cakes has written a wonderful post on this exact same topic - Tracking. She has made some wonderful realisations of her own about her tracking and has just spoken about tracking in general. As usual it has really helped me to see where I am going wrong with my tracking and forced myself to look at my reasons and ask myself the same questions.

Time for some Q & A :

  • Why don't I track?
Not sure if it pure laziness or a form of denial, maybe a combination of both. I don't mind tracking the "good" foods, but I don't want to see the "bad" stuff - the stuff I've eaten out of frustration that I know I shouldn't have eaten and even at the time of consumption, I knew I shouldn't be eating it - what is wrong with me? Oooops, wrong spot, this should be another question for myself.

  • Does it help me if I don't track?
No! It doesn't help me achieve my goals if I don't track.

  • Do I lose (weight) when I track?
Yes! I do lose weight when I track. I need to track to lose the weight as I only tend to track the "good" foods, the foods that I should be eating. I don't like tracking the foods filled with sugar and other rubbish - denial.

  • Why when I go over my points/calories do I just stop tracking?
It's denial - pure and simple! I hate having to look at the foods that have taken me over my daily allowances so I just don't write it down and I stop tracking altogether for the day.

  • Why don't I FORCE myself to be accountable for the "wrong" things I have eaten?
I think it's just a way of denying that I ate that specific food and I don't want to have to look at it written on my list. The thing is though, I know that just because it's not written down for me to see it that doesn't mean that it doesn't have calories.

  • What is wrong with me?
Denial is what is wrong with me. When I read back through my (rather pathetic) Q & A's to myself, there is one thing that pops up in each one - Denial. I simply don't like being accountable to all the bad food choices I make. As Bitch Cakes says (in short) - whatever "I choose to ingest are my choices, the least I can do is be accountable for them."

I know that for me to really change my life successfully in the ways that I want to, I need to be able to track every single thing that I eat. It needs to be automatic and needs to be done. I know that once I reach goal I will still have to continue to track what I eat.

If I got this big once but just eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and NOT being accountable for it, then it can just as easily happen again. This is for life, it's a life time change.


  1. Jane, thank you for the link to my blog and it's great that you analyzed your own reasons why you don't track. I'm right there with you and you know that! Also, again, I have to thank you for that dedication page. It's one of the nicest things any blog reader has ever done for me! I'm honored every time I see it!!

  2. I think denial is the reason why so many of us struggle with tracking, myself included.

    you'll figure it out!


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