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The Week in Review : Week 6

Thursday, July 21, 2011

*Restart Review - Week 6*

My exercise was a total wash out this week.  I had some sort of mental melt down, but I am now back and ready to fight my self-sabotaging beast.

99.7 kg (219 lbs)
+ 200 grams

The Good
  • I had a minimal gain
  • I watched my food choices
  • I watched my portion sizes
  • I realised how important it is for my own self-belief to acknowledge and accept the good things I have been doing and not always put myself down
  • I had my meringue and I didn't even really want it.  I was just eating it because I allow myself to have one each week - I don't need to have it
  • I survived a birthday celebration with only 1 cup cake and 2 sweets
The Bad
  • I didn't drink my water
  • I didn't exercise
  • I didn't plan food
  • I didn't track
The Ugly
  • I gained 200 grams which in the bigger picture is nothing
  • Mental melt down - I don't know where it came from, but I am determined to find out.  I must be afraid of success no matter how good that success makes me feel
The Best
  • Even though I had a rough week I have totally been able to turn my ugly into something positive!  I have learned some things about myself that will only help me on my adventures out of Self-sabotage Street and into the land of healthy living.  I will not return to Fatsville, I am sooo tired of living there!


This Week :

I Won't . . . . . . . . . .
  • Give up on myself
  • Eat my weekly 49 pp's
  • Put myself down
  • Eat my feelings
I Will . . . . . . . . . .
  • Track my food (good start so far)
  • Plan my food for the week (also a good start)
  • Work out the points for my favourite foods
  • Drink water

*Health Blitz*

Week 6 :
 I will SWAP 1 hour of sleep in the morning for 1 hour of exercise

*30 days*


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    Wow. 1 hour of sleep for 1 hour of exercise? You mean business! Good on you! My theory is that sometimes we need the mental breakdown in order to find the resolve to pick up and start again. Congratulations on the reboot!

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  3. 30 days of no coke! Well done.

  4. Good Luck! Staying positive will really help you in the long run....

  5. Im so glad you were able to mentally get back on track! It can be so difficult to do. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice note! I am gladly returning the follow & heading over to your other blog!

  6. Swapping 1 hour of sleep in the morning for i hour of exercise is something I have been thinking about a such a great idea....I just can't seem to get myself to DO it! Since moving, we don't have the same gym and our schedule is so different I miss working out, and it was mostly mental motivation for me....It allowed me to boost up on endorphins, focus on me for a bit and burn off stress. I need to get back on the horse!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment! I like both your blogs too!


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