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Fashionable Friday

Friday, November 11, 2011

I have been such a bad blogger lately cause I haven't been doing anything blog worthy I suppose.  I haven't been exercising due to various reasons, but I thought the least I could do was put up some visual motivation in the hope that it might inspire someone else as well.  So, without further adieu......Welcome to Fashionable Friday.

Erika is doing a wonderful job with her weight loss and to spur herself along even more, she created a 10 week challenge for herself.  The challenge would put her in a "transitional size" meaning that a shopping spree for new clothes was well on the way - good luck Erika :)

I want to wear.................

drapey dress by Capture

*Flu update*

In my last post I said that I was going to walk on the treadmill, well as it turns out, that wasn't such a good idea.  After about 10 mins I started to feel really sick, but silly me told myself that "it'll pass" so I kept walking.  After about another 3 mins I was in the bathroom.  I think it's best that I just wait until the flu has gone, or at least, is a lot better before I try that again.


  1. LOL - funny how sometimes we just have to do something to make sure that we can't do it !! I truly hope that you are feeling better soon.

    I love the dress (not that I wear dresses, or skirts)!

    Have a great Friday and an even better weekend !

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Can't wait to be able to wear dresses like that! Need to really get my arms in shape for sure!

    Keep focused!

  3. Pretty dress!! Also feeling the need for fluids and rest... here's to getting better so we can get on with the exercise. *hug*

  4. Hi Jane!
    I am so sorry to hear you have the flu. I truly hope you feel better. Kudos to you for attempting to workout. I wouldn't have even tried. LOL

    Thank you for the shout out. I've been such a horrible blogger lately I don't remember the last time I did a FF. I have to say your dress inspires me! It is gorgeous and it looks so comfortable which is key for me!

    You've inspired me to get back on track. Thank you so much for checking in on me. Here's to fighting that flu bug and bidding him Adieu! Thanks friend!

  5. Sorry to hear your not feeling to well, get well soon! I know the Flu Monster is showing his face around these parts as well!:) I just wanted to say Hi...I'm a new blog Follower!! If you get a chance, please check out my blog:

    I have added your blog to my "Fitness Buffs" List! :)

    Cheers, Meg


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