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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have had enough, I can't take it anymore, I feel like absolute rubbish and it is driving me crazy.  I had a great workout last Wednesday, not fantastic, but at least I enjoyed it and then later that night I felt an itch in my throat and I haven't worked out since.  
This is me at the moment
I was finally getting my workout mojo back and then the stupid flu decides to visit me, no one else, just me.  All I want to do is lie down, but with the kids (5 including the husband) it is impossible for me to do that.  Hubster told me to go to the doctors, but we all know he is just going to say fluids and rest.  The fluids I can do, but forget the rest (ha, ha, was that a pun? I'm not sure?).  

Anyhooo, when I said that I've had enough, I mean that sick or not, I am going to get up tomorrow when the alarm goes off and walk on the treadmill.  Nothing strenuous, just a nice walk.  I'm not going to care about the speed, distance or calories, I just want to do something.  I figure I'm not going to get better doing nothing so I may as well do something and that something is walking.  If it's a nice morning, I may even venture outside?

That's all from me today, I have to start getting dinner for everyone!  I did lose another 800 grams this week so I am really happy with that and I discovered what TWSS means.  I have been seeing it around the net, yeah, I say "the net" cause that's how cool I am (or not) and for those of you out there who also didn't know what it means, the mystery has been solved - That's What She Said.  Now when I see that, I might get some of the jokes!


  1. Hope you feel better hun & well done on the loss

  2. Well I had no idea on TWSS meant - but now I have seen it i bet i see it everywhere!! Hope you feel better soon, i hate the dreaded lurgy. Oh yeah, enjoy that rest timeLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  3. Well done on the loss but sorry to hear that the dreaded lurgy is still hanging around. Take care when exercising when you are carrying some bugs as it really isn't good for you. (There's a reason the drs say rest !!!!)

    Thanks for the explanation of TWSS - can't say I have seen it but like Sammy will probably see it everywhere now !!

    Have a great week !


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