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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is a good motto for me today because I think I actually did it.  I think I just might have found my inner strength.  When my alarm went off this morning and instead of hitting snooze (10 times) I told myself that "no one else to going to run the fat off" and I got up and did a workout.  I started with workout #2 and then finished with #3.  I felt really good during #2 and it seemed to fly by, but I think that was more due to the fact that during the walking / catch my breath part I was searching Foxtel for shows to record and boy did I find a blast from the past.........

The treadmill isn't the only thing that causes me to catch my breath :)
After finding my 21 Jump Street gem to record I finally found what I was actually looking for - The Biggest Loser on channel 10, USA series and not sure what season, but I haven't seen it yet.  It was on a few weeks ago on a Sunday, but the past few weeks something else like the racing has been on and those things take allllllll day.  Anyhooo, I have found it again and am excited - easy to please I guess.

The second half of my workout didn't seem to go as fast, but at least I made it and without any changes so I was really happy with that.  I was about ready to fall off the treadmill at the end, but noticed that I wasn't far off the 6 kms so I just kept going till I got there.  I felt good after my workout this morning.  I wish I could capture the feeling in a jar and sprinkle some on me every morning I didn't feel like working out, I would be out of bed in a flash! 

*HRM Stats* 
  • Duration : 1 hour 10.04 mins
  • Calories : 765
  • Average HR : 159
  • Maximum HR : 180
  • In Zone : 16.44 mins
  • Distance : 6 kms

Not much else to report except that my computer died from old age and I was devastated because I have 15 months worth of photos on that computer waiting to go onto disc.  Luckily the hubster works with a computer wizz who is going to take the hard drive and burn everything off it for us - all I want is those photos!!!

I am using my son's laptop at the moment luckily he has a spare one, what, doesn't everyone?  His aunt (my sister) got him a laptop for Christmas last year for high school, but the school actually provided him with one as well so now he has 2


I lost 1.8 kilos (3.9 lb) this week which I think was due to me actually tracking for a whole week.  I didn't miss a single item that went into my mouth including that delicious white chocolate Magnum ice-cream I had on movie night.  I find the counting calories so much easier than the points, yes, I have left Weight Watchers again and am back to counting the calories.  

The calories just make more sense to me - I know how many I am eating and I know how many I am burning.  It was a good first week of counting calories and I know I can keep it up.  I did it for a week so why can't I do it until I need to????  There is no reason why I can't continue counting and tracking for as long as I need to.  It's not even hard, I just made it a priority.


  1. WELL DONE !!!! You are right - I also wish we could bottle the motivation when we have it for the times when we are feeling a little less than motivated.

    EXCELLENT work with counting calories and losing 1.8kg - you must be so pleased. I found that when I lose it helps to motivate me to keep doing what I am doing so that I can carry on losing.

    Have a great week !

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Well done getting your workout in this morning! I have such a hard time getting it in first thing but it's such a good feeling once it's done!

  4. Woooo hooo!!! Well done on the loss. mmmm Johnny Depp and 21 Jump Street - gotta love it!


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