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Back from Hols and Ready to Role!

Monday, January 30, 2012

As much as I enjoyed my holiday, it is so good to be home.  We were in a holiday house and some of the kitchen appliances were really old or unusable.  There was a Vitamix blender that was from the 60's in the cupboard and the kettle looked like it was from a time when electricity didn't even exist so that meant no caffeine for me at all!


After a week of good, healthy eating overindulging I was a little scared about the scales this morning, but the good news was that I was only up 200 grams.  We did a lot of walking and maybe that helped burn off the fresh caramel home made ice-cream from Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. 


Just a quick 1 km swim this morning, the pool was really crowded as school goes back this week so all the squads are back at the pool and that means that the lap swimmers have 3 less lanes to swim in.  Also I start the 1 Million Kilo Challenge today.  I am so excited to have Me along for the ride and hopefully Sammy and some others if I can find the team request button.

What do you do on holidays.......

  • Do you eat like a pig because you are on holidays? (I apparently do)
  • Do you limit yourself to the more indulgent foods?
  • Do you try and exercise or skip it completely?

I will be back later in the week with some holiday photos.  Until then, I have a ton of blog catch-up to do.  So glad to be back to my routine.  I felt a little lost without my morning caffeine.


  1. Hi Jane - wasn't sure if it was working or not - so we have started a team ... Fatter Fatty Fatty Boombahs - happy for you guys to join us if you want?? Also doing posts on my facebook page

    Welcome home!!

  2. I absolutely pig out a little on holidays, BUT I use the extra time for more exercise so it usually balances out in the end!

  3. Yay! Come play with us ... I made my sister do it too!

  4. I think a gain of 200g is fantastic given the length of time you were away and how exciting it is to be on holiday and not worry about every single morsel of food that crosses your lips.

    Here's to a great 10 weeks !

  5. I found the Fatter Fatty Fatty Boombahs on OMKC so I have joined up with them - give me a shout if you are still battling and I will give you a hand.

    If you click on your Diary page - then choose a team - then type in the team name and click you want to join - then it goes off for approval and you are all joined up.

    Talk to you soon !

    PS - is MIL still there ?

  6. Oh I eat a lot. My main goal is to try out as many food as possible and take a million pictures of the food. Exercise? Its non-existent...most of the time. ;)

  7. OK ... I can see that you have found my face book but you still haven't found the team ... Do what Me said ... any problems email at xx

  8. Jane - I have changed my blog, you should be able to click the linl

  9. above - sorry this is Bec previously becsadventure

  10. Welcome home!!! (I'm about a week behind...)

    I used to eat like a pig on vacation; however now I tend to eat whatever I want, just in smaller portions.

    So far I do not exercise on vacation. We have a two-week vacation planned for summer break in July and I'd like to make myself get at least three days in daily, but we'll see.

    I would be so tired without my morning coffee...don't know how you did it. :)



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