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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This week I gave myself an exercise plan to follow and so far it has been so-so.  I completely skipped Saturdays schedule mainly because it was the first Saturday in months that my husband had the day off and we ended up going to the markets, out for lunch, took the kids to the park and then to the football that night so I really didn't even have time to do anything.  I know being busy isn't an excuse, but my husband having a Saturday off is a very rare occurrence and we took advantage of it.

Now, because I was such a slacko on Saturday and did nothing on the plan - NO! wait, I did do one thing on the list, I weighed myself.  I weighed in at 97.2 kg (214 lbs), which gives me a total loss of 18 kg (39 lbs).  I love how close I am to losing 20 kgs (44 lbs) cause I actually find it motivating.  

Anyway, because I was so slack on Saturday I made sure I didn't skimp on Sunday.  I got up early enough to have the kids fed and dressed so I could make it to the gym by 8am when they opened and I did my weight session, which also included a smidge of cardio.  I love mixing a bit of cardio (15 mins treadmill and 10 mins cross trainer) in between the weights as it really helps to get the old heart rate moving, which in turn, means I burn more calories.  I also made it back to the gym later in the day for a Zumba class!

Monday is my rest day so I have the choice of doing nothing or doing either my yoga or pilates DVD.  The physical intensity in both of the DVDs is very minimal so it's more for just stretching out the old body.  I chose not to do them yesterday cause I didn't feel sore like I thought I would, but I am sure that could easily change at any moment.

Today's events are a little behind.  I slept though my alarm this morning which resulted in me missing my early morning swim, but I did make it to the gym a little later for my weights session.  The day is not over yet so I still plan to get the rest of my scheduled exercise in :

  • 30 min Treadmill workout
  • 100 push-ups program
  • 200 squats program

Now all I need to do is fine tune my eating - that is where my real problem lies.  I have no problem with exercising, in fact I love it cause it makes me feel so good, but then I tend to ruin a good workout with bad eating choices.  My food choices are definitely letting me down at the moment so I really need to focus on what goes into my mouth.  I also have to keep reminding myself that.......

In light of my new found food focus, I have decided to re-incorporate a strategy that worked well for me in the past.  Each week I would choose a favourite food to give up for the week.  This week I am giving up dessert.  I have started to get back into the habit of having dessert which I am sure isn't helping me along on my journey.  I rarely have it, but lately it's becoming more frequent so this week I am ditching it.  I'm glad that I now have the ability to recognise when an old habit is returning as it gives me the chance to stop it before it takes hold again.

Please tell me if you ruin a workout with bad food choices.......

  • Do you follow a food plan each day / week?  
  • Have you ever tried to out-exercise a bad food choice?
  • What tips do you have for me to make better choices?



  1. GREAT JOB on the 18kg!!! keep up the good work and really wonderful to spot a spiral in the desserts and take control!
    hope you have a great day!
    xo tracie

  2. So nearly at the 20k mark - fantastic job lady!!! In the next couple of weeks you will definitely be there. You and me both on the exercise front = I love it, but food really is the devil ... i don't eat crap either just a lot of the good stuff!


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