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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have decided that when I start thinking about food and what I can eat next, I am going to have a light snack. This is because I have discovered that if I don't eat something quickly that is tasty and low in calories (or points) I will end up just eating whatever is closest and easiest like the biscuits or ice-cream.

Because of my total slackness at not having any food prepared for today, when my mind started to wander around the kitchen for food, all I could think of was fatty stuff. Although my 10 Things list is great and works really well I didn't want to use it. I shouldn't have to use it every time I want something to eat. I KNOW from experience that if I deny myself it will end in a huge binge that throws me out for the rest of the day (or week).

The first thing I did was drink a glass of water to make sure I was hungry and not just thirsty, next, I threw out the croissant that was sitting near me........

.....then made myself a snack of 2 Rye Cruskits with Sour Cream and Chives Cottage Cheese.

As you can see, I used my Winnie the Pooh dinner plate - I love having a full plate of food :)


  1. Jane thank you so much for your wonderful words on my last blog post. I've not been wanting to post since, I feel dejected and a total failure. Also I had an anonymous comment that said they found me uninspring. I don't think I'm blogging to inspire anyone but it felt like a bit of a put down so for now I'm kinda avoiding my blog. I seem to be still spiraling in the weight loss department. I stepped on the scale for a look-see today adn it was not pretty at all. I'm hoping this is my moment to turn it back around... especially when you see up almost 10lbs (from goal) just around the corner.

    Like you I spend too much time thinking aobut food. When do I get to eat next, what am I going to eat, how good is it going to taste. Can I swing a treat instead of the right choice???

    Its just become so frustrating for me lately!

  2. It takes some determination to throw out croissants! Well done.


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