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The Week in Review : Week 4

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's that time again to see how I did this week. Here's a hint - crap, crap, crapitty crap!

*Restart Review - Week 4*

I have no complaints about my exercise this week thanks to the Shred DVD. The fact that it's a 30 day program (and only 20 mins) really helps to keep the motivation going. It's only 30 days of my life and it's only doing me good. My food on the other hand hasn't been the best.

I have been making better choices and some days are really good and others not so good like the pizza I had for dinner last night. I had dinner all ready to go and then husband came home and wanted more "State of Origin appropriate" food = take away. He wanted KFC, but I must confess, I hate KFC (so sorry if that offends anyone). I thought that vegetarian pizza from across the street was a better option.

It wasn't so much the pizza that is the problem, it's the tracking. I don't even know the Pro Points value of pizza. Sometimes I just don't want to know so I block it all out and don't bother tracking at all. You can see the results of the non-tracking below!

The Good
  • I exercised
  • I exercised
  • I used my 10 Things I Want More list and didn't drink the Pepsi
  • Even though I allow myself 1 meringue per week, I didn't have one because I didn't crave one this week
The Bad
  • I didn't drink as much water as I should have
  • I did eat take-away pizza
  • I bought a tin of Malt (it's the first tin I have bought this year)
  • I didn't plan or track my food at all!! (it's obvious)
The Ugly
  • I gained weight
  • I gained more weight than I have lost in the last 2 weeks

This Week :

I Won't . . . . . . . . . .
  • Binge on hot chips and pizza
  • Have a second helping of everything
  • Eat when I am not hungry
  • Eat because I am stressed
I Will . . . . . . . . . .
  • Exercise a minimum of 30 mins for 6 days
  • Plan my food
  • Track my food
  • Drink all of my water

I have take away once a week despite my best intentions not to eat it. So I have decided to give up giving it up. I am going to allow myself to have it, but ONLY if I work out the points and save points for it. This way I will avoid all the guilt issues and self-loathing when I do give in and eat it.

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